About Us    (Updated: April, 2017)

  The animals at the Useless Animal Farm Sanctuary Inc.  

are "... good for nothing but love!"

We have been serving the community for over 20 years.

  Donations are greatly appreciated. Please go to our "Help Us"  page for details. Checks can be 

   mailed to the address below.    We also accept Paypal.   Thank you.

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A Tax exempt (501c3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.


                                  Polish Rooster rescued by Animal Control   /   Goats - baby Jeannie (3 legs) and deformed Julie   /   Geese: Jordan and Limpy                           

Sanctuary Facts:

- We presently care for over 200 animals

- Since 1996 we have cared for over 500 domestic, 530 farm and 40 wildlife animals.

- We presently average 25 phone calls / emails daily helping animals and the people who care about them.

- 2016 expenses = approximately $30,000. 2/3 were covered by donations & fundraisers and 1/3 was donated by  the Spear family.

- We have actively been an animal sanctuary for 21 years.

- In 2001 we became a non-profit organization / in 2004 years we qualified as a 501c3 organization.

- Animals are fed twice a day / 7 days a week .

- The Spear family, friends and board members help care for the animals and sanctuary.

You can also use PayPal by going to our "HELP US" page

  Thank you to all who support us with "Special Shout-Outs" to the Following:

Individuals: Kevin Windham, Jay Holt, Denise Gibson, Nina and Lance Gibson, Vicki Miles,

Phyllis Ellidge, Kenneth Albin, Joe Stewart, Dick Clark,

Diane Grgach (and her precious mother-Jean Burmeister who just passed away)

Businesses: Masters Funeral Home, Beck Car Dealerships, Flower Bread Store,

Walmart, Shelton Vet Clinic-Interlachen, Animal Medical Clinic, Florida Power and Light Co.,

Girls Gone Green, Kennedy Rehabilitation, Hamby Roofing _____________________________________________________________________________


Obese Molly pig               /               Male emu Ahab                  /             3 legged baby goat Jeannie  

Your Help Can Make a Difference For the Animals

... by signing on-line petitions generated from legitimate websites regarding animal cruelty issues.

Generally, these petitions address loopholes in animal cruelty laws regarding factory farms and slaughterhouses,

puppy mills, legal actions regarding abuse etc.

Automatic follow-ups, sent to your email, reflect the huge difference these “viral” letters and peptitions can make!

They are a powerful tool in changing local and national policys effecting

the lives of domestic, farmed and wildlife animals. We would like to recommend these sites:





You Can Make A Huge Difference!

Sincerely yours, Ode Spear and the Animals

uafarm@comcast.net      7451 Crill Avenue, Palatka, FL 32177

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