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Tax exempt (501c3) organization.   All donations are tax deductible.

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Updated: May, 2017

 We have been helping animals almost 20 years. The cost of running the Useless Animal Farm Sanctuary is approximately $32,000 per year. Please see below for details on how to help. Donations can be made thru Paypal or mailed. Thank you.

The costs are kept low since the Spear family donates the use of their property as well as the property insurance

- which has tripled due to the animals. There are no paid employees (except for occassional help.)

The Spear family has purchased a beautiful 10 acre property in Pomona Park

and will move the Sanctuary there once they build a home and put up fencing. A new barn has already been built.

This will be a costly venture. Your financial help would greatly appreciated!

We may need volunteers when the move takes place.

We plan 2 fundraisers plus a Garage Sale each year All other income is generated by donations, memberships and miscellaneous mini benefits. Typically, sanctuary income covers half the cost and the Spear family contributes the balance. If you or your organization would like to organize a fundraiser to benefit the sanctuary, we would be very grateful. Our Patrons are invited to a Complimentary Annual Tour of the Farm as our way of saying thank you in March each year!


  Member/Sponsor/Donation Form  

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________________________     

Phone #: ______________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________

Amount enclosed: ____________________

Would you like to be a Sanctuary Member?

(     ) Remarkable Rooster - $25 year

(    ) Outstanding Oinker - $26-$75 year

(    ) Magnificent Mooer - $76-$150 year

(    ) Fantastic Farmer $151+ year

   Checks payable to: Useless Animal Farm Sanctuary Inc.

Mail completed form and donation to: 7451 Crill Avenue, Palatka, FL  32177

  Thank you for caring! 

All donations are tax deductible! We are happy to provide a tax receipt!

The following items are always needed at the U.A.F.Sanctuary!

Note: The following items are always needed. There are many products we use, however perishables have to be managed and storage is always an issue. The following is a practical list of donations we can store and manage. We've underlined our most needed! Thank you.

Horse quality hay, peanut hay, bleach, large mineral blocks (available at feed stores), scoopable litter, hay racks, scrub brushes, peroxide, liquid cattle wormer "Ivermectin", horse wormer paste (Safeguard, Strongid, Ivermectin), liquid goat wormer, medium/large igloo dog houses, wood posts (all sizes), metal T-posts,  fence nails, fence staples, bronco horse fly spray, regular Advantage flea drops, Frontline Plus flea drops, Nexguard tablets (dogs), Comfortis (dogs), post hole diggers, 16' farm and hog panels, food grade Diatamaceous Earth or regular Diatamaceous Earth (50 # bags are best value), 5% Seven Dust, baby pools and sandboxes, liquid Equine MSM/Glucosomine/Chondroitin, Provodone, large bales of pine wood shavings (available at feed stores and building supply stores), wash basins (used for chicken water), litter boxes, Adams Flea Spray and Adams furniture Spray.

Our "Dare to Dream" list:

A tractor with front loader and bush hog, a livestock trailer,

Carolina Carports metal pole barns (for the new property.)


We definitely need volunteers to help at our Annual Yard Sale!

Volunteers are also needed for: fundraisers, booths at festivals, classroom presentations,

building projects, presentations, organizing fundraisers.

If interested in helping, please contact Ode Spear:

386-325-8289 (leave message) or email uafarm@comcast.net .

We are sorry that volunteers can not work with the animals. They are located on private property.

Please Help the Animals...

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